BDI is the nick name for BELCATEC DESIGN INC. is a company specialized in two major domains

1- Design & fabrication of control & automation products for Waste Water Treatment Plant
            1.1.1- Monitoring probe
            1.1.2- Communication module
            1.1.3- Monitoring (MIMIC) display
            1.1.4- Output Board
            1.1.5- Master Controller
            1.1.6- Level Sensor & Controller (Nimair type)
            1.1.7- Pressure Sensor & Controller
            1.1.8- Manager software on PC

    1.2- SENSOCONTROLLER system (for spiral conveyors)
            1.2.1- Washable Rotation Sensor & Controller
            1.2.2- Submersible Rotation Sensor & Controller
            1.2.3- Rotation Sensor & Controller for hazardous location

    1.3- Design and fabrication of control panel to managed operation of:
            1.3.1- Conveyors
            1.3.2- Screens, Conveyors, Wash-Press, Classifier & Sand Remover
            1.3.3- Bio Gas Recirculation compressor of Anaerobic digester
            1.3.4- Other systems

2- Custom made computer & equipment for personal, industrial & commercial application
    2.1- The fastest PC
    2.2- Network,  structured server with RAID and Terabyte storage unit
Made to client specification
    2.4- Repair and update your computer to new technologies

BDI is in operation since 1988, Located in  Montréal Metropolitan area

With over 30 years of solid experience in Automation & Control  in the Industrial sectors
BELCATEC DESIGN INC. is your choice for special project of any kind.  If you have a partial solution or no solution we can help you to find one or to determine the feasibility of your idea.

Control panel build by BDI are certified  CSA for Canada & United States