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ACCUSYSTEM: Set of device which are designed to be connected together using a RS-485 link. All devices are interconnected by two pairs of wires, One pair for 12Vac and a second pair for the RS-485 link.
Units are connected in a daisy chain structure to minimized number of connecting cable. (Only one required)

The Accusystem plate-form as of today includes: 7 devices, 1 software :

ACCUBUBBLE System: A complete integrated assembly permitting to monitor activities of mixing elements of anaerobic digester.

ACCUBUBBLE: Pressure sensitive unit, sensing tinny variation of pressure when a big bubble is released into vertical tube of anaerobic digester mixer. Designed for hazardous location Class I Division 1 or 2 Group D.

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Monitoring display (MIMIC): Display panel showing activities of bubble mixers in anaerobic digester. Display is built  to represent top view of client reservoir.

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OUTPUT BOARD: A 24 lines interface circuit controller which allows transferring information's from ACCUBUBBLE sensors to customer SCADA system. The system interfacing may be completed using RELAY Boards and/or OPTO Boards. Alarm of low period and/or high period of mixers are available for all ACCUBUBBLE probe connected in system. Some other functions are also available providing greater flexibility.

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MASTER CONTROLLER: Controller with 4 lines of 20 characters and 4 control buttons which allows programming and monitoring activities of all devices in an Accusystem.

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COMMUNICATION INTERFACE: RS-485 to RS-232 converter allowing to connect personal computer to controls and/or monitors elements in  system.

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ACCULEVEL: Level sensor & controller which is programmable (using Master Controller or Personal Computer) allowing to measure & control level of liquid in a reservoir using the NIMAIR technique with very high degree of accuracy. Dual sensors allows operating with differential pressure reading. Module may also be programmed to measure flow of Weir or Parshall channel. Range of level sensor is: 0 to 54 feet of liquid with stepping accuracy of 0.0125" water column. Flow reading is correctable using 30 values and  linear interpolation. Quantity and volume of liquid in a vessel may also be measured.

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ACCUPRESSURE: Vacuum/pressure sensor & controller which is programmable (using MC or PC) allowing to measure & control pressure of reservoir or can be used as security device for circulation gas compressor in an anaerobic digester system or others system.  Range of pressure sensor is: -5 PSI to 26 PSI with a stepping accuracy of 0.0125" of water column.

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ACCUSYSTEM SOFTWARE: Software allowing to control & monitor all BDI devices equipped with RS-485 included in a system.


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SENSOCONTROLLER system: Probes are ferromagnetic detection devices with controller. Three models are available: Washable, Submersible and Hazardous location.  SENSOCONTROLLER units must be supplied with 24VDC and are sourcing 24VDC when conveyor rotation is active, A second signal is available, a LED (Light Emitting Diode) may be hooked to for more information's on rotation of conveyor. Only 4 wires are used to connect unit.

WASHABLE (WA): Is used to detect rotation of screw conveyors. Unit is auto calibrating and validate rotation of screws. Unit can detect screw rotating speed as low as 1 RPM and up to 60 RPM. Maximum distance of detection is 4 inches. Unit is self calibrating and allow up speed variation of screw rotation but is limited in down variation to half of speed between calibrations. When calibrated unit will respond in 1.5 rotation time and signals drive system to stop. Even if standard installation use stainless steel trough, unit will also work with mild steel trough without requiring cut out in trough. If screw is made of stainless it may be required to embedded a small magnet in screw. Unit is potted with epoxy compound which is protecting it against any liquid that may be splashed on.

SUBMERSIBLE (SU): With same characteristic of washable unit may be immerge in liquid up to 45 feet depth. Unit is built in a round plastic enclosure filled with epoxy compound. Connecting cable is  SO type, 45 feet supplied with unit.

HAZARDOUS LOCATION (EXP): With same characteristic of washable unit may be installed in hazardous location Class 1 Division 1 Group B. Unit is built using stainless steel piping parts and have hazardous location connecting box with removable connectors. Unit is filled with epoxy compound for supplementary hazardous protection.

POWER SUPPLY FOR SENSOCONTROLLER: We have available a power supply system for SENSOCONTROLLER, build for insertion in your control panel. It is solution for interfacing SENSOCONTROLLER's to your control panel circuitry.

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In development: System using two sensocontrollers to measure torsion of screws. With an analog output information available, system may be used to sense torsion of screw. Will be adjustable to generate an alarm when torsion is exceeding preset limit.

Belcatec Design Inc. is designing and building control panels for industrial application since 1988, we are CSA certified to build and sell control panel to Canada & U.S. We can build to specifications or BDI can design & build for you. We can program any brand of Programmable Logic Controller.

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OUTLOADING SYSTEM: Niagara Fall ON CAN; System control all out loading conveyors. (from centrifuges to transporting bins) PLC used is SCADAPACK 32.


COMPRESSOR WITH WATER HEATING system: Burlington VT USA; System controls water seal compressor with circulation hot water pump through heating jacket of big bubble gun mixer. PLC used is AUTOMATION DIRECT DL06.


SCREEN, CONVEYORS, WASH PRESS, CLASSIFIER & SAND REMOVER: Assomption QC CAN; System controls two screens, one detritus conveyor, one wash press and one sand remover classifier. Used plc's are Omron ZEN (5) one per system. 3 ACCULEVEL's are included 2 for screens & 1 for Parshall Channel flow measurement.
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ACCUBUBBLE SYSTEM: Humber Toronto ON CAN; Control includes four independent ACCUBUBBLE systems (one per digester) 13 ACCUBUBBLE sensors per digester tank, ACCUSYSTEM software monitoring four digesters. MIMIC display, OUTPUT Boards for alarms

CUSTOM MAKING PC'S: Belcatec Design Inc. is selling PC's since 1985 and build over 4,000 personal computers for home user and business. Tough it is possible to buy PC over phone or on Internet, BDI is known to supply to client the best machine for his application at good price. We also have good knowledge of networks and servers applications.


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